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Communications that get noticed.

35 years

Think of it as the length of time I’ve been doing creative work, or my age, depending on which you value more: experience or youth. Fact is, inspiration is available to anyone at any age, but chops — the ability to transform a great idea into an effective communication — takes real work and a lot of practice.

I do what I do

And I trust my clients to do what they do. I never offer, say, improvements to their manufacturing process or famous recipe. I also trust them to know who their audience is, and what they care about. In turn, my clients trust me to translate what they are saying into what their audience wants to hear.

What works

I believe that effective communication has to activate the audience. They need to ask questions: What’s going on here, why did they say that, what’s in this for me? When their thought process is engaged, they are open to learn about new things. Your product, service or noble cause, for example.

My Creative Evolution




Lead guitar at left. We covered “Help!” quite respectably.




At NYU’s Graduate Theater school for directing.



Clean Cut

As Creative Director for PBS Hawaii after my first Emmy.




Not really a Rabbi, but I could play one on TV.

My Work

My Process


We begin by listening. What’s your goal. Who’s your market. How can we reach them. What are your competitors doing. We need to get the old picture before we start to paint a new one.

Bright Ideas

Sometimes the big idea is the first one. Sometimes it’s the fiftieth. We bat it around, try a lot of things, and give you a rich assortment of creative solutions. It has to work for both of us.


Knowing what you’re selling is half the battle. We figure out what to say, where to say it, when to shout, when to whisper. We need to know, “What’s going to move the needle,” and work towards that.


We take a great idea and make it into effective communications — whether it be print ads, animation or skywriting. It needs to knock my socks off before I’ll let you have it.


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