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Sydney Skytour

We’ve been looking at some location entertainment projects again, and I was digging up some memories of the project we did in Sydney, originally called Sydney Skytour, then Oztrek, and now I don’t know what. The installation was a series of multimedia theaters, all linked to the theme of taking a Great Australian Expedition. There were a couple of preshows and a killer ridefilm in 70MM with rocking seats and environmental effects (wind, water, etc.). In between was a series of four proscenium miniature stage sets with projected figures. The audience saw one, then the seating rotated to the next on a big turntable. Here’s renderings for the miniature sets, brilliantly constructed by Big City in Sydney.

We never got great video of the installation, but here’s a disjointed marketing film I found with all the elements jumbled up. Still, you can sort of get the picture…

Posted on July 15, 2013 in Entertainment

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