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Let’s Run It By Legal

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Ner Echad

Here’s the task: create an ad that talks about Jewish women coming together from all over the world … without showing any Jewish women. 

Nordstrom No Return

My friend, the photographer Laibel Schwartz, gets this call… two sisters want to do something special for their brother’s wedding. The brother and his bride are in love with each other… and with Nordstrom. They love that store. They even registered there. The brother quips, “I can return anything at Nordstrom… except the bride!” The…

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Reliving my funddriving past

In the early 90’s, I left a good job in the city, working for the man every… well, anyway, I moved to from Manhattan to Hawaii to become Creative Director of Hawaii Public Television, now called PBS Hawaii. The most fun we had was making the fund drive spots. I just recovered a few of…

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